Seasons of change

7 12 2010

The Seasons of Change


As the summer waned in to fall the ever decreasing temperature, daylight and motivation has gone from a level extreme productivity to one that is quite lack luster of sorts. The rivers have dried, the temperature dropped and many of the regulars have gone into their “I’m too cold to come out and play mode”. In a never ending effort to continue an outdoor life style I have fallen back into running for my daily dose of sunshine. I am by no means a long distance runner, I like running but my body has said enough after about the 8mile mark. Too many days on the soccer field and attempting moguls at break neck speed have left my knees in ruins. There for leaving me at a comfortable distance of around 10k. I am not a fitness maniac but I believe it is easier to keep it at a certain level than to build it back every spring and give into the change of seasons. In Cleveland Ohio when the northeasters blow across the lake it is way too easy to crawl inside of the house and settle for watching the biggest looser and calling that a good work out.

                I have found myself trying to bring my coworkers into the circle of fitness not only for themselves but as a way of keeping motivated myself. The first event we were able to tackle was the Skeleton 5K Run in Amherst. The so called “Run for your Bones” is 5K race held near Halloween every year and put on by an amazing group of people in the Amherst area, supported by many of the teachers and coaches. It’s a smaller race that is fast gaining acceptance and participation. Gearing up my work crew I managed to convince 8 guys to at least commit to signing up for the run on our in house signup sheet. When it came time for the run it turned into just two of us to run in the event. Struggling to stay awake for 12 hours of work and leaving at 7am I am always looking forward to finding my bed, but on race day we need to change and meet at the Marion Steel High School for the pre race meeting and sign up. Chris Hartung decided to pack the family and enter his two boys into the 400m Fun Run (nice sleep strategy). Our plan was to finish the race and hit the sack before work again at 7pm that night.  The race began and shortly thereafter Chris and I separated to accommodate our own pace.  I finished ahead of Chris and found myself jogging back to find him in the pack encouraging him for the remaining .5 miles. Good Times.

Male 25 to 29
Record: Matthew Folk – Year: 2005 – Time: 14:49.43
Place Name City Bib No Age Overall Chip Time Gun Time Pace    
1 Nick Continenza University Heights OH 866 26 10 18:06.45 18:08.76 5:50/M    
2 David Goldberg Harrisburg PA 2477 26 15 18:37.69 18:38.32 6:00/M    
3 Adam Kuncel Amherst OH 1092 27 38 19:53.86 19:55.01 6:25/M    
4 Justin Forbes Twinsburg OH 911 25 53 20:51.84 20:54.61 6:44/M    
5 Phillip Budowanec Woodland Hills CA 845 28 92 22:14.15 22:18.62 7:10/M    
6 Corey Spoores Lorain OH 2446 29 125 23:07.24 23:36.47 7:27/M    
7 Troy Jacobs Beachwood OH 975 25 241 26:10.69 26:35.46 8:26/M    
8 Pat Hancock Medina OH 956 26 265 26:53.12 27:02.46 8:40/M    
9 Benjamin Smith Lakewood OH 2957 27 292 27:45.84 27:59.26 8:57/M    
10 Anthony Anzalone Parma OH 806 27 301 28:05.26 28:08.89 9:04/M    
11 Adam Kevelder Lakewood OH 994 26 329 28:45.62 29:01.50 9:16/M    
12 Douglas Ritzenthaler Medina OH 1194 26 339 29:17.37 29:25.69 9:27/M    
13 Daniel Wade Berea OH 1298 26 367 30:03.24 30:03.24 9:42/M    
14 Zak Broschk Avon OH 838 29 387 31:07.49 31:26.42 10:02/M    


  • For an unknown reason Chris’s micro chip did not read and his results were not posted if I remember correctly he finished around 33 minutes in the 35-39 age group.


A special thanks to Karen for giving me the motivation to start working out in a whole new manner this summer fall season, she help  introduce me to a new level of fitness, and training routine called  CrossFit. I have checked into it in the past and always shied away due to my lack of knowledge on weight training and the proper techniques. Using Karen as my coach she has enabled me to take part in something that I have longed to do for quite some time, with that said…I have been knocking out some pretty tuff work outs since the July/ August time frame but real commitment has taken place around the end of September/ October where I have been able to keep track of my work outs.  Thanks. I Love You Babe!

Why put this little note? Well again it has helped keep me in the training routine, summer paddle season ended faster than I was ready for, recovering from a shoulder injury that happened at the end of May, has been a frustrating experience. The CrossFit has really help by adding muscle strength to my bum shoulder and the surrounding area and making the everyday movements easier. It has also helped give me an outlet of unequaled parrell for anger and frustration. I love it. Not long into the fall season with a bum shoulder and a broken mountain bike I began to train like I have not trained in the past and it has been great.

Just about the time fall rains started to come in and the weather turned chilly, we received one warm day out of nowhere the temps came up from a windy chilly 40 degrees to a sunny calm 69-73 degrees. It was great, I quickly turned my mountain bike into a single speed to make up for the broken derailleur I created in early September, and hit the Thorn Mountain Bike Trail at Findley State Park. The trail is a loop ride about 9miles long, I was able to mash out 2 laps before losing the great temperature and sunlight on that Indian summer day.


How excited would you be to run in 23 degree temperature? I would have to say when I was first invited to run with Karen in the Reindeer 5K Run, in Lakewood I was not too excited. But the more I thought about it I became a little more intrigued. After having thanksgiving at my parents we went for a run a day or so later at Oak Openings Preserve Metro Park, we wanted to run for around an hour to burn off the gluttony of the previous few days. When we started the temperature was around 36 degrees or so but the sun was out and it felt good to once again be outside and away from the gray gloomy skies of Cleveland. On the run I lead Karen around the park and past some of my all time favorite spots here and there and passing people only on the main trails made me feel like we were truly some place else. I decided on that run I was up for the Reindeer Run in a few weeks.

23 degrees is what the thermometer read in my car on the way to Karen’s house after work that morning, I can’t say I was all that stoked but the snow that fell the day before was energizing at best. This time Karen recruited a feel of her coworkers to join us in the run and we were to meet just before the start to don our festive costume pieces for the race. Reindeer antlers, Efl hats, and Santa clause hats created a great vibe while in the starting grid. Karen was shooting for her PR in a 5K format as she is a long distance runner with 2 marathons and a few half marathons under her belt. My pace was dictated by her as I wanted to run with her and try and help her make the 24 minute goal she had set for herself.  At the end of the race we found our time was just a little slower than we wanted but were happy with the 25:10 time.

21    Karen Hawley                     Cleveland  OH        755    29   229    25:10.07    25:49.92    8:07/M

18    Corey Spoores                    Lorain  OH          1473    29   227    25:09.82    25:49.97    8:07/M



Since Thanksgiving the temperature have dropped and it feels more like winter here now the only option is to bundle up and go outside and run or to the “box” and work out. I have begun to scope out the ice conditions for the upcoming ice climbing season. I just hope it stays cold.


Until I post next time, thanks for reading. I would love to hear your comments. –corey




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