Grumpy Pants Goes to Costa Rica-Part 1

13 02 2014



Gumpy Pants Goes to Costa Rica Part One.


It was cold the day we left Cleveland for a place filled with sunshine and adventure. I had no regrets about leaving the weather and grumpy people of Northeast Ohio behind. After parking the Squaw at the airport and hopping on board the shuttle bus we quickly made headway through the lines at CLE airport and before long we were chillin in sunny San Jose, Costa Rica. What I saw was blowing my mind…


Adaptation is the key to survival in any species, fail to adapt and you will quickly be left behind, eaten, or displaced. Being a gringo in Costa Rica, I had a steep learning curve when it came to motor vehicle operation. The big take away is drive fast, be prepared to stop, and use your horn (it just makes the language barrier that much more fun). After driving through San Jose in our rental like a 18 year old who just got his license, we began  our journey towards Quepos. On the way we would pass over some small mountains and several rivers, one having more crocodiles sunning themselves than I thought possible being this far from the Nile River.


After finding our way to the Parador Hotel after dark we were greated by a refreshing glass of fruit juice, and some really friendly folks who eagerly showed us to our accommodations. One thing that I have always loved about traveling to cool places is when you arrive after sunset. Its that first morning cup of coffee and taking it all in that I really like, the wow moment. As our first real day started I found myself staring at the bird, and listening to strange sounds, which were later identified as Howler monkeys. Breakfast was shared with a friendly lizard on the porch and followed up by a walkabout on the monkey trail at the hotel. Afterwards we opted for a walk to the beach. Along the way we spied several Compuncha Monkeys and a 3 toed sloth. Not too bad.


If you know me then you know I get stressed out about stupid stuff so I was able to convince Karen that we need to hang out at the hotel for the first day. Being the good soldier that she is we later chilled at the pool relaxing. It was a good time.  





Day two was a hoot. We made reservations to mountain bike to a waterfall and swim in the plunge pool. meeting our guide at the hotel we were taken to an awesome nature preserve that we later found out was private for our ride and swim. Riding 29ers we slayed the trail on the way in past papaya and banana trees. Danny our guide then turned to us and said we could take the easy way or the “hard way”. We opted for the harder choice and before long we were carrying our bikes through the river to a gravel road. The grade went from steep to “Le Tour de France” steep in a blink of an eye. But none the less we chugged up the hill on bikes. After some time we made it to the swimmin hole. Danny showed us the way to the waterfall and led the charge in jumping in the plunge pool from the rim of the falls.






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13 02 2014
Tom &Rebecca Adams

Sounds like a great trip

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