12 Hours Mountain Bike Racing

26 09 2015
A scenic vista that Paul and I found while on one of my last training rides.

A scenic vista that Paul and I found while on one of my last training rides.

A lot has happened since my last post. Well that’s because it was almost 2 years ago…wow how time flies. Too much to catch everyone up on so we will just start with short and sweet with where we are now. Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Yes that is right, New Mexico. The desert, now water, well probably more that California…but who is counting right? But there are lots of mountain bike trails. Since moving here in mid summer I have been biking a lot more, why you ask? Well for one thing, the biking is so much better than Ohio. The trails have great lines, and new challenges to throw you off kilter. In Ohio not too much goofed me up, but in N.M. ya I suck, that’s what it really boils down too.

So being jobless, I have little on my platter. I usually wake early and look for jobs on the internet, then it segways into breakfast and then on to a morning bike ride. Then the process of looking for work is repeated when I return home.

While at a local bike shop (LBS) I observed a race flyer for the 12 Hours of Albuquerque Mountain Bike Festival, the main event was a 12 hour mountain bike race. I thought to myself, What else do you have going on?

Fast forward a month and some change…still pretty much jobless. Although I have scored a great coaching job at Bear Canyon CrossFit, in exchange for my monthly membership, I am on the eve of the mountain bike race. In the last month my race preparation has been basically two a days, with biking in the morning, and the gym in the evening. Not too shabby all the while I continued to build some good base mileage on a weekly basis. During the last week before my taper I hit 90 miles.

Where will tomorrow end up mileage wise? I have no idea. With luck it will be 72 miles or greater. I will drop a line and let you known how it shakes out.




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